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Ultimate Flex Package

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Guaranteed with Purchase:

  • A Big Flex game consisting of 30 or more kills and 5k or more damage
  • A game clip of a high-intensity moment from the big flex game
  • A post game stat screen shot displaying kills and damage output
  • A summary from your booster reporting total kills achieved while flexing
Disclaimer: All of our products besides booster play-alongs require our boosters to login to your account and play as you. Once you have been paired with a booster, please make sure that they have all the information necessary in order to gain access to your account.

Once you place an order, it'll be fed to our Slack where a moderator will claim it. Shortly after that your moderator will reach out to you via email to help pair you with the perfect booster. From there, a discord group chat will be established between customer, mod, and booster.

If you have any questions about the order process, feel free to email us at YuhzieBoosts@gmail.com
Feel free to contact us using our Contact Form

Alternatively, you can reach us via the following methods:

Email - YuhzieBoosts@gmail.com

Phone - 562-631-6830