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Apex Legends Coaching

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Apex Legends Coaching lessons that give you 1 on 1 time with our boosters! Our coaching is broken up into 3 types Basic / Intermediate /  Advanced.

Basic - 1 Hour with 1 booster discussing basic game mechanics in game. 

Intermediate - 2 Hours with 1 booster going over specific legend's in depth, meta weapons, and team compositions in game.

Advanced - 3 Hours with 1 a Top Rated booster that has held the highest of rank or a particular skill set that has set them apart from other players. For this particular package the first hour will be dedicated to analyzing footage. We will need you to submit an hour of gameplay footage that can be  uploaded to youtube or a twitch past stream. We will then review the footage with you giving advice based of what we see and a overall understanding of what will need improvement.

Each of our packages require at least one day of preparation time. We also highly suggest including the following in the notes alongside the order:

1. Main goal of accomplishment or any specific areas you'd like to improve in.

2. A rough start day and time giving us at least 1 day to prepare

3. Platform desired, if any

Disclaimer: All of our products besides booster play-alongs require our boosters to login to your account and play as you. Once you have been paired with a booster, please make sure that they have all the information necessary in order to gain access to your account.

Once you place an order, it'll be fed to our Slack where a moderator will claim it. Shortly after that your moderator will reach out to you via email to help pair you with the perfect booster. From there, a discord group chat will be established between customer, mod, and booster.

If you have any questions about the order process, feel free to email us at YuhzieBoosts@gmail.com
Feel free to contact us using our Contact Form

Alternatively, you can reach us via the following methods:

Email - YuhzieBoosts@gmail.com

Phone - 562-631-6830