Build a Smurf

We're offering a new service to build you a custom account from scratch. To start, you'll give us the account name or the login for an account you already created. You specify all the requirements you want, we'll give you a price and an ETA, a booster will grind the account until all requirements are met, then hand you the keys. You'll take over a fresh new account with a lot of Apex packs to open and some ridiculous stats. If you're bundling multiple conditions, we'll give you a better price than if you were to order them as boosts.

Here are some things you can specify on the account or on any specific Legend/s:

  • Account Level
  • Kills
  • Wins
  • Badges
  • Rank or specific RP Amount
  • Minimum K/D Ratio

If you're interested in this type of order, please contact us directly to discuss the details.