Hello, I'd like to share with anyone willing to read what we represent and what this means to me, Yuhzie. This is my story of YuhzieBoosts.|

Apex Legends not even a week old when I downloaded it for the first time. The game was fresh, everyone was talking about it, this was the game to challenge the popular Fortnite at the time. I was hesitant to try it at first, another Call Of Duty Battle Royal at first glance. After a few games I was hooked, as well as glad to have something to get me away from Fortnite's silly weekly updates that had just introduced a giant hamster ball into the mix. I had a new calling, taking every opportunity to get a few games in. Apex Legends was what changed my life and it couldn't have came at a better time.

I had put up some nice stats that 1st season, 22,000 all time kills with 17,000k on wraith alone. Season 2 was when they released the first ranked series and I was ready to race through the ranks. I can honestly say that the first ranked series was hands down without a doubt the best ranked series I've played. The reason for this was simply because every single rank from bronze to pred was sweaty. We all started from bronze and in every game I played there seemed to be the top players at the time. Although the matches were rough and the enemies were intimidating I managed to be one of the first twenty to hit masters (pred at the time) on Xbox. I was sitting at that 11th spot for ranked that season when I had an idea. I thought this was a great opportunity to make some extra spending cash, and is the start of my boosting journey on Apex Legends.

I was working an office job at the time in the HR department of a large company. The idea of boosting again sounded fun again and was something I had already been familiar with from my Overwatch career. The hard part was finding anyone willing to take a chance on me and trust me enough to hand over their account. I started on the Xbox LFG posting section and I probably went through 100 people before finally I caught a break. I handled it like a professional and was polite, quick, responsive. I needed to give that good experience in the hopes he'd come back. After the first one a few more had followed and next thing you know I had a clientele of about 10 customers that kept me busy on my off time from work. Things were going well and the extra income was worth the work. Just when I had started to get use to the routine of things, a new virus was spreading. Everything changed for me within a month later.

I had lost my 8 to 4, Mon thru Fri job as a result of the well established covid and was unsure of what to do next. Thankfully I had still kept the side boosting going and was now relying on that to survive. It wasn't much at the time and I knew I needed to think bigger, perhaps a platform for selling my services, EBAY! At the time there was a well known xbox player running the show there and at a price much higher than I was selling for. I knew I needed to somehow capture some of the market with 0 reviews and sales, standing out enough to be seen over the top seller which had sold hundreds and had promising reviews. I started low, and I mean low low. I was charging $15 for a 20 kill badge and $25 for the 20/4k combo, far cheaper than the $70/$130 price range of others. It wasn't long until I was moving and within a month, I was the number one seller on Ebay for anything related to Apex Legends.

What started as a side hustle ended up being a full time job and business was booming. I had a flawless record with my reviews and i made sure to go with originality. I had a well written description that included the services I provided, an about me section, Q & A, and Details of what to expect. Throughout the ebay days I was being noticed, not just by customers, players as well. I was fortunate enough to have top players that heard about my success knocking at my door in the hopes of joining me. I was hesitant at first to share my hard work and sales but being a gamer since the age of 4, I couldn't say no. It wasn't long after, I had over 10 other boosters I had taken in and was able to grow this into a 24/7 service. I stayed true to originality, never following down the same path everyone else was. I had several unique packages that weren't necessarily in game items such as the "Big Flex". I never thought many of those would sell and it would cater to the higher customer but I was wrong. "The Big Flex" was selling so well many other boosting pages took notice and simply did a "copy paste", adding tthe package to their own pages. I remember seeing entire descriptions, and I'm talking 1,000+ words, with a few minor changes like replacing the name Yuhzie with the theirs, added to other pages. I must of been doing things right considering mini Yuhzie's were now trending.

Success was the name of the game and my passion was keeping us ahead. What came next was our website. I once again was lucky enough to meet Vurmal and Steebie, who were past customers originally. Vurmal had presented the idea of a website and did an amazing job laying the foundation for what would later become YuhzieBoosts. I of course was hesitant to consider this idea of having a partner at first but after an impressive report he brought to me that was well laid out, showing competitors price points, pros and cons, and a general direction, it was clear he was over qualified. However I felt an interview that included Steebie and Devo was needed to get the opinions others. Soon after, YuhzieBoosts.com was born. June 2020 we opened to the public and a new chapter was starting.

I had a very different way of doing things from the other boosting websites I had been apart of in the past. Many of them were very private, keeping boosters from the customers and middle manning the conversations. There was no community discord where both customers and boosters could mingle. At first, I didn't see the harm in it, running a first come first serve "dibs" system behind the scenes, followed by an announcement from an admin in the main chat linking both booster and customer, allowing them to message privately. I felt this approach was ideal and allowed a more personal connection with our customers. I wanted to create a very comfortable experience and build off of it. The website was the right move, allowing us to get our name out there even further. We were growing at a very consistent rate which resulted into picking up more boosters to accommodate for our expanding customer base. Everything seemed to be rolling on all cylinders. 

Things weren't always as smooth as you'd like them to be. A few months into the new established website, we said goodbye to both Vurmal and Steebie due to new job opportunities opening up. They were a big part to our success as well as our amazing voice of yuhzieboost devo. With the help of our team and our community we kept our foot on the gas and kept things rolling. People come and go in life, as some go, new faces come. Samantha came in originally as an artist to help with the overall look of the website, doing an amazing job to say the least. She went above and beyond what had been asked of her and played a major role in furthering our growth. From voicing our advertisements, to designing our custom made badges, she took on a bigger role, partner. This changed the game once again, giving us an advantage in the creative department. Once again, luck was on my side and had brought me our beloved Samantha. 

We have a nice story already written but is just the start of the story still to come. Over 2 years old, YuhzieBoosts continues to stand out, setting an example of what hard work paying off, and pushing the limits as what a boosting service can be. I'm very proud of what has been accomplished and I reached the goals I had originally set early on, even going beyond what I thought was possible. I'll list some memorable achievements down below and I thank you for reading our story.

- Over 1000 customers serviced!
- Over $400,000 in sales!
- Representing the Apex Legends Boosting scene, interviewed by Ilootgames. Voicing our opinions of what boosting really is and what it means to us during the hideouts ban scare which mentioned boosting. We had nothing to hide while all the other services declined the opportunity.
- Growing a discord over 1,000 members then losing it and starting over with a current discord of 500 memebers.
- Having so many #1 ranked boosters running our orders giving us that true feeling of being the #1 boosting service of Apex Legends
- Hosting a private tournament for our very own boosters with the help of CGG and AGL. This one means a lot to me personally. We did what was deemed not possible, boosting in many eyes, is a against TOS and results in a ban if caught.... We proved once again that we're a legitimate service and that boosting properly will not result in a ban nor is it against TOS. Although it may be frowned upon by many of the community, I truly believe that if everyone understood it completely and listed all the pros vs all the cons, people would be more accepting of the idea. However being the only boosting service to host a tournament which required a private lobby that comes directly from EA is a huge win for.