Here at Yuhzie Boosts, we are dedicated and committed to giving quality service at affordable prices. We stand out with our amazing team of relevant players and have #1 season-ending ranked holders in multiple seasons and platforms. We offer unmatched talent and unrivalled customer service dedicated to creating memorable experiences with every order! We are the all-in-one stop for every game and platform requested.

Once an order is placed you'll be contacted by myself or a partner either via email or text depending what was provided with your purchase. Once contact is established we will setup a group chat via Discord between yourself, the booster, and an admin. Throughout the length of the order we will provide you with constant updates and progress until completion. We are very friendly and our goal is to create a comfortable environment for every customer. Thanks for all your support!

If you have any questions about the order process, feel free to email us directly at yuhzieboosts@gmail.com. If a price doesn't fit your budget or a game of interest isn't listed please contact us via chat found at the bottom right of any page on our website and we will try our best to meet your requests!

Frequently Asked Questions
Boosts - This is an account recovery system we use for all our boost order. Account recoveries is the process of submitting us the account details and allowing us to play as you to fulfill any desired requests. All our orders are done this way except Booster play-withs.

In order to start the process you'll need to follow these steps:

1. Submit an order including the account details added in the notes alongside the order. Make sure to note the order # for confirmation later.

2. Using one of our several links located on site you'll need to join to our discord. There you can ask for assistance from an admin in our questions channel. If you chose not to, we will contact you via text or email using one of the 2 provided with the purchase details.

3. Once communication has been established we will link you and a booster in a group chat.

4. Once the Booster introduces themselves, they will go over the plan and schedule based off of the requests purchased.

5. Our Boosters will provide updated information throughout the process and a screenshot or short summary once the boost is complete.
No. We can assure you everything will be done legitimately and discreetly therefore you will not have to worry about any kind of account penalties or bans. We are a professional service that you can rely on and trust us with your account. Any type of mishap big or small will be covered by a full return or partial return.
Here at Yuhzie Boosts we have a strict policy on any type of game tampering, cheating, hacks, aimbot, wall hacks, teaming, bronze lobbies, etc. None of our boosters use anything that gives them an unfair advantage. They are all highly skilled players and can play at the highest level.
All badge orders are done the same day of purchase unless asked otherwise. Badge orders can take anywhere from 1-3 hours each badge. Ranked orders can take anywhere from 1-5 days a division. Diamond 4 to Masters usually takes roughly 2-4 days to complete.